GOOHFpack #33

$52.00 $35.00

Save a bundle on a …uh… bundle of the most popular Get Out of Hell Free goodies! Scroll down for full details.

Sorry, but like other stuff here, this is not available in Colorado thanks to our obliviotic legislature. Either way, this special ends September 25.

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GOOHFpack 33: Click to see larger.

It’s Time for a GOOHFpack! Here’s what’s in #33 (in photo, left to right):

In all, that’s $52 worth of goodies for just $35 — 32% off.

Or just $30 with a Premium True subscription = 42% off!

And that doesn’t even count the free window decal. (Package price is plus shipping.)

Limited Time: This special ends September 25, 2020.

To keep costs down nothing is returnable unless defective, in which case send in a photo and I’ll replace the item.

As always:

Parody: not affiliated with Hasbro’s MONOPOLY® in any fashion.
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