Recurring Subscriptions and Support

This is True has long had Paypal “recurring” subscriptions — but those are only available to those with a Paypal account. It’s also a fairly “weak” function at Paypal: a simple change in the expiration date in your credit card would cause the subscription to be canceled, even if the customer updated the expiration date with Paypal.

Patreon was good for awhile, enabling you to choose a variety of different support levels, with a variety of increasing “rewards,” but it was inflexible (monthly only: no option for quarterly or annual payments, for instance), and then Patreon breached the faith of both the Patrons and the creators.

True’s Solution

Enough of inflexible systems! You can now use this shopping cart and purchase “recurring” subscriptions, and/or send recurring extra support for This is True, right here, rather than set things up with outside vendors. All of the benefits (“rewards”) you would have received through Patreon are still available here, and you get to choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options. Perfect!

Note: while this shopping cart does allow you to pay with a Paypal account, using a credit or debit card gives you extra flexibility, like the ability to come back and change your account level.

Why Do We Need the Support?

Simply, the publication has never recovered from the economic downturn. About 20 percent of the paid subscribers dropped off during the downturn, and while some have come back after the economy improved, most did not. In a 2013 survey, readers “demanded” that the Premium subscription rate should be increased, but also made it clear that those who wanted to pay extra should be allowed to. So that’s where this all came from. It has allowed the price increases to be smaller so as to not affect as many people who can’t afford it, while many of those who can afford it have stepped up to fill in that gap.

The Options

For simple auto-renewing Premium subscriptions, see this page.

For one-time contributions, see this page.

Patreon-Like Support — Click the support level you like to set up, and then you’ll be able to choose how often the payment recurs: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual.

  • $2/month: Your support to express thanks for the free newsletter, podcast, or the lack of ads on True’s web site.
  • $4/month: Get the full weekly Premium This is True newsletter with all the stories (Premium details).
  • $7/month: Get the full weekly This is True newsletter with all the stories, and (upon request) get one “Best Of” story hand-picked by Randy from his archive, delivered early each morning by email (Best-of details).
  • $15/month: Get the full weekly This is True newsletter with all the stories, and get full “Silver”-level access to the private This is True community Forum, including complete Honorary Unsubscribe archive access (see Silver details).
  • $20/month: Get all of the above benefits, and get your name included on the Patron Page of True’s web site (in the format of a company name, personal name, or a semi-anonymous form: “Karen in Ohio” for instance. We reserve the right to reject any name).
  • $30/month: Get all of the above, and your entry on the Patron’s page also gets a “nofollow” link. We reserve the right to reject any name or landing page. Limited Quantity Available!
  • $40/month: Get your Forum access upgraded to get access to Gold, including the Full Searchable Archive of both the Honorary Unsubscribe and This is True instead of a linked sponsor line on the Patreon page. (Archive is for personal use only.)
  • $75/month: All the previous benefits, with forum membership at the Platinum level and a linked sponsor line on the Patreon page.
  • $125/month: All of the above and Forum membership at the Diamond level.
  • $500/month: Meant for businesses, get a sponsor message site-wide on True’s web site and a sponsorship message in the free newsletter.
  • $1000/month: Let’s talk: You and Randy collaborate on a package you can both live with. You’ll also be invited to in-person meetings with Randy to discuss your business or personal topics (at least once each year; attendees cover any travel expenses). Limited quantity available.

Whatever Way You Choose to support This is True, we really appreciate it: this is literally keeping the publication going!