Recurring Support

This page is mostly unused since Regular Subscriptions allow you to set your support level. They can be ordered on this page.

But this page does still work, especially if you just want to specify benefits for your support: see the checkboxes below.

You set the payment level, and how long each payment term lasts. The minimum amount each term is $2, since less than that results in more fees than benefit.

This supports the This is True newsletter, ad-free web site, ad-free podcast, and more — its very mission. And, meanwhile, get some great benefits in return:

Minimum Pledge for…

  • Simple Ongoing Support: $2 each term that you choose, since less than that results in too many fees. Even a few dollars per quarter really helps keep the newsletter, podcast, and web site going.
  • Weekly Premium newsletter: $8/bi-monthly, $12/quarterly, $24 semi-annual, $48 annual
  • Premium + Daily Best-Of story: $7/month, $14/bi-monthly, $21/quarterly, $42 semi-annual, $84 annual
  • Forum Access: $15/month, $30/bi-monthly, $45/quarterly, $90 semi-annual, $180 annual
  • Name on Patrons Page: $20/month, $40/bi-monthly, $60/quarterly, $120 semi-annual, $240 annual

Scroll down for more details, and thanks much for your support!


Optional Add-Ons (See above for minimum levels)

(Optional, will appear on every renewal.)

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For simple auto-renewing Premium subscriptions, see this page.

For one-time contributions, see this page.

Patreon-Like Support: You can choose “ad-ons” depending on your support level. You choose how often the payment recurs — the term your payment covers.

  • $2/month: Your support to express thanks for the free newsletter, podcast, or the lack of ads on True’s web site. (or $4 bi-monthly, $6 quarterly, $12 semi-annually, $24 annually). Does not come with any email subscriptions.
  • $7/month: Also get (upon request) get one “Best Of” story hand-picked by Randy from his archive, delivered early each morning by email (Best-Of details).  (or $14 bi-monthly, $21 quarterly, $36 semi-annually, $24 annually)
  • $15/month: Also get full “Silver”-level access to the private This is True community Forum, including complete Honorary Unsubscribe archive access (see Silver details).  (or $30 bi-monthly, $45 quarterly, $90 semi-annually, $180 annually)
  • $20/month: Also get your name included on the Patron Page of True’s web site (in the format of a company name, personal name, or a semi-anonymous form: “Karen in Ohio” for instance. Randy reserves the right to reject any name).  (or $40 bi-monthly, $60 quarterly, $120 semi-annually, $240 annually)
  • $30/month: Your entry on the Patron’s page also gets a link (marked “nofollow”). We reserve the right to reject any name or landing page. Limited Quantity Available!  (or $60 bi-monthly, $90 quarterly, $180 semi-annually, $360 annually)
  • $40/month: Get your Forum access upgraded to get access to Gold, including the Full Searchable Archive of both the Honorary Unsubscribe and This is True instead of a linked sponsor line on the Patron page. (Archive is for personal use only.)  (or $80 bi-monthly, $120 quarterly, $240 semi-annually, $480 annually)
  • $75/month: Forum membership at the Platinum level and a linked sponsor line on the Patron page.  (or $150 bi-monthly, $225 quarterly, $450 semi-annually, $900 annually)
  • $125/month: All of the above and Forum membership at the Diamond level.

Should you wish to unsubscribe or change the amount or frequency, you can Update/Cancel your Recurring Subscription yourself, or send Randy an email clearly explaining what you wish changed.