Recurring Support

You set the payment level, and how long each payment term lasts. The minimum amount each term is $2, since less than that results in more fees than benefit.

This is how you can support the This is True newsletter, ad-free web site, ad-free podcast — its very mission. This is how you help True to survive. And, meanwhile, get some great benefits in return:

Minimum Pledge for…

  • Simple Ongoing Support: $2 each term that you choose, since less than that results in too many fees. Even a few dollars per quarter really helps keep the newsletter, podcast, and web site going.
  • Weekly Premium newsletter: $4/month, $8/bi-monthly, $12/quarterly, $24 semi-annual, $48 annual
  • Premium + Daily Best-Of story: $7/month, $14/bi-monthly, $21/quarterly, $42 semi-annual, $84 annual
  • Forum Access: $15/month, $30/bi-monthly, $45/quarterly, $90 semi-annual, $180 annual
  • Name on Patrons Page: $20/month, $40/bi-monthly, $60/quarterly, $120 semi-annual, $240 annual

Scroll down for more details, and thanks much for your support!

Looking for Regular Subscriptions without adding extra support? That’s on this page.


Optional Add-Ons (See above for minimum levels)

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For simple auto-renewing Premium subscriptions, see this page.

For one-time contributions, see this page.

Patreon-Like Support: You can choose “ad-ons” depending on your support level. You choose how often the payment recurs — the term your payment covers.

  • $2/month: Your support to express thanks for the free newsletter, podcast, or the lack of ads on True’s web site. (or $4 bi-monthly, $6 quarterly, $12 semi-annually, $24 annually)
  • $4/month: Get the full weekly Premium This is True newsletter with all the stories (Premium details).  (or $8 bi-monthly, $12 quarterly, $24 semi-annually, $48 annually)
  • $7/month: Also get (upon request) get one “Best Of” story hand-picked by Randy from his archive, delivered early each morning by email (Best-Of details).  (or $14 bi-monthly, $21 quarterly, $36 semi-annually, $24 annually)
  • $15/month: Also get full “Silver”-level access to the private This is True community Forum, including complete Honorary Unsubscribe archive access (see Silver details).  (or $30 bi-monthly, $45 quarterly, $90 semi-annually, $180 annually)
  • $20/month: Also get your name included on the Patron Page of True’s web site (in the format of a company name, personal name, or a semi-anonymous form: “Karen in Ohio” for instance. Randy reserves the right to reject any name).  (or $40 bi-monthly, $60 quarterly, $120 semi-annually, $240 annually)
  • $30/month: Your entry on the Patron’s page also gets a link (marked “nofollow”). We reserve the right to reject any name or landing page. Limited Quantity Available!  (or $60 bi-monthly, $90 quarterly, $180 semi-annually, $360 annually)
  • $40/month: Get your Forum access upgraded to get access to Gold, including the Full Searchable Archive of both the Honorary Unsubscribe and This is True instead of a linked sponsor line on the Patron page. (Archive is for personal use only.)  (or $80 bi-monthly, $120 quarterly, $240 semi-annually, $480 annually)
  • $75/month: Forum membership at the Platinum level and a linked sponsor line on the Patron page.  (or $150 bi-monthly, $225 quarterly, $450 semi-annually, $900 annually)
  • $125/month: All of the above and Forum membership at the Diamond level.

Should you wish to unsubscribe or change the amount or frequency, you can Update/Cancel your Recurring Subscription yourself, or send Randy an email clearly explaining what you wish changed.