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The second book in the This is True Honorary Unsubscribe series includes 146 stories about “The People You Will Wish You Had Known”. The period covered is 2003 through 2005. 158 pages, 5.5×8.5″.

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146 Amazing People

This second volume of astonishing people has more amazing inventors: several of the minds that made the Internet possible. The creator of the Smiley Face, and why he didn’t get rich from it. The originator of organic foods, and the stores which sell them. The guy who came up with the “Wave” used in sports stadiums.

How about the man who made sure the world knew about Schindler’s “list” — because he himself was on it? And wait until you hear what else the inventor of the Barbie doll created. Plus the guy who turned a pie plate into the Frisbee flying disk, and the amusing way he wanted to be remembered.

And then there’s the artists — the creators of music and TV shows you love (like Leave It To Beaver, and who that show was based on); even the guy who invented the pinup. Doctors who made radical breakthroughs to improve human life, such as the doctor who wrote the first textbook for paramedics. And yeah, a couple more rocket scientists, plus a few more entertainers who died mostly forgotten.

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public. You’ve seen the Norman Rockwell print of the small-town doctor, but you likely never heard his name (until now).

All those stories are in this book, plus more than a hundred more (146 total). The stories are fascinating: you won’t believe the cool people you have missed in your life. These are the people you will wish you had known.

The Honorees

  1. Tree lover Sally White
  2. MedicAlert founder Chrissie Woolcock Collins
  3. Stored program inventor Tom Kilburn
  4. Literary agent Candida Donadio
  5. Titanic survivor Michel Navratil
  6. Social activist Fuki Kushida
  7. Screenwriter Burt Kennedy
  8. Comedy writer Robert Weiskopf
  9. Digital communications pioneer Claude Shannon
  10. Dancer Ninette de Valois
  11. Schindler booster Leopold Page
  12. The Intrepid Mir Space Station
  13. Newspaperman John Oakes
  14. Smiley Face creator Harvey R. Ball
  15. Faucet inventor Alfred Moen
  16. Infrared visionary Fred Gillett
  17. Everest climber Babu Chiri Sherpa
  18. Songwriter James Myers
  19. Small town physician Donald E. Campbell
  20. Pinup creator Hartzell Spence
  21. Transportation innovator Malcom P. McLean
  22. Comedian Imogene Coca
  23. Foodie Ralph A. Miller
  24. Bluesman John Lee Hooker
  25. Usenet creator Jim Ellis
  26. Natural food pusher Aveline Kushi
  27. Peking Man finder Jia Lanpo
  28. Civil rights attorney Robert Wolfe Gilbert
  29. Writer Poul Anderson
  30. Musician Larry Adler
  31. Bowler Earl Anthony
  32. Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle
  33. German Measles vaccine developer Harry M. Meyer Jr
  34. NASA spokesman Julian W. Scheer
  35. Passengers and crew of Flight 93
  36. TV producer Fred de Cordova
  37. Computer animator Robert Abel
  38. Coin designer Frank Gasparro
  39. Cancer surgeon William G. Cahan
  40. Supervoter Neal Tillotson
  41. “Red card” inventor Kenneth Aston
  42. Code-talking promoter Mary Gorman
  43. The ever-thankful Percy Ross
  44. Win-win analyzer Stuart Nagel
  45. “Lady Marjorie” actress Rachel Gurney
  46. Holocaust alarm raiser Gerhart Riegner
  47. Spacecraft power developer Jerome Morse
  48. Band director and waver Bill Bissell
  49. Comedian Foster Brooks
  50. No-nonsense producer Julia Phillips
  51. Laser physicist Alexander Prokhorov
  52. TV humor writer Mike Marmer
  53. Computer networking pioneer Richard H. Bolt
  54. Actor Harold Russell
  55. Boat designer Graham Guilford Haddock Jr
  56. French resistance fighter Genevieve de Gaulle-Anthonioz
  57. Genomic researcher Norman Davidson
  58. Lifelong newsboy Bernard Green
  59. Hollywood producer Mimi Roth
  60. Publishing system inventor Rudolf Hell
  61. Actress Rosetta LeNoire
  62. Spacecraft engineer Thomas J. Kelly
  63. Communications satellite engineer John R. Pierce
  64. Writer and producer Roy Huggins
  65. TV bailiff Rusty Burrell
  66. German freedom fighter Kurt Klein
  67. Doll — and breast — designer Ruth Handler
  68. Songwriter Otis Blackwell
  69. Light bulb collector Hugh Francis Hicks
  70. MAD cartoonist Dave Berg
  71. Marine conservationist Milton C. Shedd
  72. Literary editor Murray Fisher
  73. Meteorologist John Hope
  74. Football great John “Jay” Berwanger
  75. Cancer drug discoverer Monroe E. Wall
  76. Photographer Yousuf Karsh
  77. Career advisor Bernard Haldane
  78. “Mickey Mouse Club Show” composer Norman Baker
  79. Polymer chemist William A. Mallow
  80. Frisbee developer Ed Headrick
  81. Skunk Works test pilot Louis Schalk Jr
  82. Docudrama inventor Stanley R. Greenberg
  83. Anthropological Conservationist Carolyn Rose
  84. “Miranda” lawyer John P. Frank
  85. Chemical engineer Donald L. Campbell
  86. Programmer Bob Wallace
  87. Pilot Aileen Saunders Mellott
  88. Film producer Sidney Pink
  89. “OK” etymologist Allen Walker Read
  90. Restauranteur Sema Wilkes
  91. Soundman Keith A. Wester
  92. Space radio engineer Henry Taylor Howard
  93. “Twilight Zone” savior Bert Granet
  94. “Great Escape” musician Walter W. Kinnan
  95. “Bullwinkle” animator William Henson
  96. Jungle society preservationist Orlando Villas Boas
  97. Paramedic author Nancy Caroline
  98. Philanthropist Virginia McKnight Binger
  99. Classic TV producer William T. Orr
  100. “Daisies” author Jean Kerr
  101. Boston Marathon director William T. Cloney
  102. Death psychologist Herman Feifel
  103. 7-Eleven founder John P. Thompson
  104. God’s beggar Werenfried van Straaten
  105. “Beaver” creator Joe Connelly
  106. Military thinker Eugene J. Carroll Jr
  107. Pioneering spacecraft Pioneer 10
  108. Radiation expert Gilbert W. Beebe
  109. Beeb announcer Alan Keith
  110. PC pioneer Adam Osborne
  111. Medical researcher Arthur C. Guyton
  112. Computer networker Anita Borg
  113. Immunologist Charles Janeway Jr
  114. Relational data baser Edgar F. Codd
  115. “Gilligan” composer George Wyle
  116. “Pygmalion” actress Wendy Hiller
  117. Tobacco educator Barb Tarbox
  118. Dancer Howard “Sandman” Sims
  119. Movie producer Beverly Bailis Karp
  120. Concentrated orange juice creator Wallace R. Roy
  121. Rocket scientist Magnus von Braun
  122. Betamax lawyer Dean Dunlavey
  123. Hand surgeon Paul Wilson Brand
  124. “Siskel and Ebert” creator Eliot Wald
  125. Vietnam National Veterans Memorial creator Victor Westphall
  126. Record producer Sam Phillips
  127. CPR creator Peter Safar
  128. WAVE pioneer Laura Rapaport Borsten
  129. Life teacher Connie Douglas Reeves
  130. Cinematographer Brianne Murphy
  131. Boys Town resurrectionist Robert Hupp
  132. “Hogan’s Heroes” demolitionist Larry Hovis
  133. “Superman” writer Jay Morton
  134. Carbon-14 dater Mark G. Inghram
  135. Lord Mayor Mary Donaldson
  136. “James Bond” inspiration Patrick Dalzel-Job
  137. Alaska conservationist Margaret Murie
  138. Washington mayor Walter Edward Washington
  139. True Value creator Edward E. Lanctot
  140. Actress Penny Singleton
  141. Bridge engineer Tung-Yen Lin
  142. Liberty-promoting reporter John Patrick Hunter
  143. Pioneering TV executive Ethel Winant
  144. Character actress Madlyn Rhue
  145. Pearl Harbor radar operator George E. Elliott Jr
  146. Computer/Internet pioneer Phillip Goldman