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The first book in the This is True Honorary Unsubscribe series includes 146 stories about “The People You Will Wish You Had Known”. The period covered is 1998 through 2000. 151 pages, 5.5×8.5″.

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140 Amazing People

Start with the inventors: the same guy invented the computer hard drive and the video cassette, another guy vinyl — and bubble gum. And how about the brains behind the contact lens, the hovercraft, the Hawaiian shirt, even the guy who thought of putting a peanut inside an M&M?

And then there’s the artists — the creators of music and TV shows you love. Doctors who made radical breakthroughs to improve human life. Even a rocket scientist here and there, who helped humanity reach toward the stars. And, yes, an entertainer or two — the ones who spent their entire lives bringing us joy, only to die mostly forgotten.

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public. You’ve likely never heard of the doctor known as “the fastest man on Earth” — but you’ve probably seen his photo, working as his own test dummy, risking his life to learn how to make cars (and spacecraft) safer.

All those stories are in this book, plus more than a hundred more (140 total). The stories are fascinating: you won’t believe the cool people you have missed in your life. These are the people you will wish you had known.

The Honorees

  1. Booked actor Jack Lord
  2. Music teacher Shinichi Suzuki
  3. Writer Irene Kampen
  4. War correspondent Martha Gellhorn
  5. Chiclet inventor Louis Mahle
  6. Cartoon artist Antonio Prohias
  7. Comfortable chair designer Edwin John Shoemaker
  8. Bullet train developer Hideo Shima
  9. Racquetball inventor Joseph Sobek
  10. Race enthusiast Mary Fendrich Hulman
  11. Equal opportunity preacher Rev. Louis A. Saunders
  12. Classic TV creator Leslie Stevens
  13. Sensual author Dominique Aury
  14. Internal viewer Allan MacLeod Cormack
  15. Test pilot George Grundy Jr
  16. Anti-spam activist Jim Nitchals
  17. Sportsman Fernand Sastre
  18. Photojournalist Maurice Sorrell
  19. Hearing aid designer Aram Glorig
  20. “Dick and Jane” author A. Sterl Artley
  21. Rocket scientists Max Nowak, Heinrich Paetz and Albert Schuler
  22. Lassie’s dad Hugh Reilly
  23. Surgeon general LeRoy Edgar Burney
  24. Garage inventor Massena Gump
  25. Visionary Otto Wichterle
  26. Lyricist Marshall Barer
  27. Disease specialists Drs. Jonathan Mann and Mary Lou Clements-Mann
  28. “Sasha” the bartender Leonid Kinskey
  29. Tech designer Reynold B. Johnson
  30. Food preparer Marc Harrison
  31. Spokeswoman Toni House
  32. Real heel Roger Vivier
  33. Curmudgeonly author Cleveland Amory
  34. “Miss Marple” actor Joan Hickson
  35. Automotive designer Wilhelm Karmann
  36. “Batman” creator Bob Kane
  37. Tornado meteorologist Tetsuya Fujita
  38. Radio developer Elmer H. Wavering
  39. Autograph hound Mary A. Benjamin
  40. One-legged tap dancer Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates
  41. Master poet Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi
  42. “Betty Crocker” actress Adelaide Hawley Cumming
  43. Public health educator Dorothy Bird Nyswander
  44. Defibrillator inventor Paul M. Zoll
  45. French illustrator Raymond Peynet
  46. TV comedy writer Lucille Kallen
  47. Hawaii Five-O actor Herman Wedemeyer
  48. “Spanish Flea” composer Julius Wechter
  49. Composer and actor Bobby Troup
  50. Science novelist Thomas McMahon
  51. Nuclear scientist Glenn T. Seaborg
  52. “Smokey Bear” creator Harry Rossoll
  53. Violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin
  54. Color TV broadcast pioneer Walter D. Scott
  55. Civil rights enforcer Henry V. Graham
  56. Comic Gary Morton
  57. Photographer Sam Shaw
  58. “Wilma Flinstone” voice Jean Vander Pyl
  59. Ventriloquist Wenceslao Moreno
  60. Laser inventor Arthur Schawlow
  61. LA Police spokesman Daniel N. Cooke
  62. Comic artist Saul Steinberg
  63. Vinyl inventor Waldo Semon
  64. Hovercraft inventor Christopher Cockerell
  65. Bookstore magnate Christina Foyle
  66. Iditarod founder Joe Redington
  67. Last AP telegrapher Aubrey Keel
  68. Apollo moonwalker Charles Conrad Jr
  69. Smoking gun cancer researcher Ernst Wynder
  70. World record flyboy Ed Long
  71. Zulu music legend Simon Nkabinde
  72. First on-air TV weatherman Clint Youle
  73. Aeronautics researcher Robert Thomas Jones
  74. Memorial sculptor Frederick Hart
  75. Peanut M&M inventor Raymond Vernon
  76. Diplomat and inspiration Joan R. Braden
  77. Unmanned spaceprobe pioneer W. Eugene Giberson
  78. “Honeymooners” co-creator Harry Crane
  79. Forensic pathologist William Eckert
  80. Chicken pioneer Thomas O. Foster
  81. Mountaineer Paul Petzoldt
  82. ZIP Code inventor Frederick C. Belen
  83. Publicist Jim Moran
  84. Space engineer Jerry Olivieri
  85. Psychiatrist Nise da Silveira
  86. Gymnast Leon Stukelj
  87. Rocket sled speeder John Paul Stapp
  88. Game show host Gene Rayburn
  89. “The Shadow” voice John Archer
  90. Blues DJ Early Wright
  91. Celestial mathematician Juergen Moser
  92. London Fog raincoat designer Israel Myers
  93. Museum director Jeshajahu Weinberg
  94. Writer Nigel Tranter
  95. Disney animator Marc Davis
  96. Singer and composer Jester Hairston
  97. “Addams Family” creator David Levy
  98. Magical showman Doug Henning
  99. Inventor Karsten Solheim
  100. “Lone Ranger” announcer Bob Hite Sr.
  101. Cartoonist Kariel Gardos
  102. Obstinate journalist V.K. Narasimhan
  103. Sidekick extraordinaire Durward Kirby
  104. Joyful sex author Alex Comfort
  105. Pioneering journalist June Anderson Almquist
  106. ASL linguist William Stokoe Jr
  107. Aeronautical engineer Richard S. Shevell
  108. “Mark Trail” model Charles N. Elliott
  109. Credit card developer William J. Boyle
  110. Hollywood stylist Michel Kazan
  111. Pioneering cosmonaut Yevgeny Khrunov
  112. Mambo king Tito Puente
  113. Hawaiian shirt designer Ellery J. Chun
  114. Etch-a-Sketch marketer William Casley Killgallon
  115. Open tennis promoter Philippe Chatrier
  116. “Hawkeye Pierce” model Keith Reemtsma
  117. Soviet critic Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski
  118. Holocaust documentarian Laurel Vlock
  119. Core curriculum developer Everett Needham Case
  120. Amateur linguist John Wilder Tukey
  121. Physicist Abraham Pais
  122. Italian freedom fighter Edgardo Sogno
  123. NASA research engineer Robert R. Gilruth
  124. Lava Lamp inventor Edward Craven Walker
  125. Blood bag inventor David Bellamy
  126. Dodger scout Clyde Sukeforth
  127. Health skeptic John H. Renner
  128. Alert security guard Frank Wills
  129. Cancer researcher Michael Smith
  130. Laser visionary Joseph Weber
  131. Far-sighted shopkeeper Nauzer Nowrojee
  132. Talk show creator Steve Allen
  133. IC pioneer Victor Grinich
  134. Newsman Robert Trout
  135. Network architect Michael Muuss
  136. Writing teacher Malcolm Bradbury
  137. Fireworks artisan Christopher Ross
  138. Comic actor Werner Klemperer
  139. Cue card inventor Barney McNulty
  140. Walkie-Talkie and pager inventor Al Gross