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For your Mass Salvation needs.

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A full box of our gorgeous, color, two-sided, glossy Get Out of Hell Free card on heavy card stock (14 pt, for those of you who know paper). There are about 500 cards per box (we don’t actually count them, but stuff the box full). If you purchased five 100-packs, it would cost you $60, so the $40 box represents a nice 1/3 off.

Too many? See the 100-packs here.

The back gives a brief explanation of what it’s about — fun! The glossy smooth finish (on both sides) make it a gorgeous card that people really want to keep.

Back of card.

Because of the slick surface, you can’t write on these cards very well — even a Sharpie beads up and is hard to read.

Buy only what you need: because they are priced at the break-even point, they are not returnable.

Made in the USA.

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