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Custom GOOHF cards available only to Premium subscribers (I check!)

See complete information below before ordering! Shipping is included on this item.

Front Line

Back Customization

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Be sure to read all of this before ordering.

This offer is for current Premium subscribers only. Yes, I check, so don’t put in an order if you’re not a Premium subscriber.

It’s great to have GOOHF cards to hand to people — and even more fun for it to have your own custom text on it!

You can customize both sides of the card:

  • On the front: one line for your name, URL, email address, company name, whatever
  • On the back: about a 1×3″ block of area (shown by the red box on the details graphic below) — room enough for several lines of text (the red box does not print).

(Note: I reserve the right to reject any custom imprint!)

Click to enlarge and review your customization options.

Important: Click the picture to the right to see the full customization details, then hit “back” to do the actual ordering. If this is a reorder of one you’ve purchased before, you can just say that.

Do Check the Number of Cards carefully — note there are big discounts for ordering more cards, rather than coming back later to reorder. Due to setup costs, the first 500 cost the most per card. The second 500 is much less, so you’re urged to get the best deal and kick up to at least the second quantity level unless you’re absolutely sure you only need 500.

Note that 1,000 custom cards cost very little more than two 500-card “Jumbo Pack” boxes of regular non-custom cards! The 2,500 pack is much less than five Jumbo Packs ($255 in the U.S.), and the 5,000 pack is significantly less than 10 Jumbo Packs ($510). Yes, I have had orders for 5,000 cards — and then they came back for more! How can I discount higher quantities so much? Because the printer ships direct to you, which reduces my costs, and I pass that savings on to you.

Not sure about font sizes and such? Just use “bigger” and “smaller” and the like, and I’ll make it look nice — and you can see the proof before printing.

Prices include shipping. Allow 10-14 days from order time for delivery in the U.S. I’ll email you a proof which must be approved before printing, so please reply quickly to avoid delays.

This item is shipped separately from anything else you order, and comes by UPS — so you must provide a street address for shipping. A work address is fine.

Matte (top) vs Glossy cards (taken with a flash to emphasize the gloss). The colors pop a bit more with the matte, and the blacks look a bit blacker. Click to see larger.

Important! Cards have a matte finish unless you specifically ask for gloss — though be aware, due to the extreme gloss on those cards, they cannot be written on! Even a “Sharpie” beads up. Matte finish can be easily written on.

Made in the USA. Note: Allow for up to 1% spoiled cards (misprints or damaged in shipping).

The back side of the cards include the following disclaimer and info:

Parody: not affiliated with Hasbro’s MONOPOLY® in any fashion
®”Get Out of Hell Free” and “This is True” are registered trademarks.
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