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ONE “uncorrected” (galley) proof/advance copy of The True Stella Awards book.

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Current bid: $28.99



When a “big publisher” publishes a book, it creates printed “uncorrected proofs” — which used to be called galley proofs. The proof is not only to give the editors (and author) one last chance to check for errors, layout goofs, and what-have-you, but those first prints are also sent to book reviewers as a preview of the upcoming publication.

The True Stella Award‘s publisher, Penguin Dutton, certainly qualifies as a “big publisher” — and the book was a relatively “big book” for them: they paid a six-figure advance after my agent conducted a literary auction. I have no idea how many proof copies they printed, or how many went out to reviewers, but they did a nice color cover with it — modeling it after the planned dust jacket — and sent me several.

Once I got my author’s proof copies back in 2005, I in turn sent a few to “VIP” This is True readers I thought would be interested in seeing the book early. Interestingly, not a single one of them ever even mentioned receiving one. Oh well. But I kept two.

I’m calling one of them “mine” — and selling the other here, as a collectible. I thought something that was originally bought by the publisher at auction would be a nice first thing for me to sell with this new auction software. 🙂

How much is it worth? I have no idea: somewhere between nothing and priceless, depending on your interest in the book, in its author, and what it is you have fun collecting. Hence: this auction.

Yes, I’ll autograph it as per the buyer’s wishes — you can specify a plain signature, or personalized with your name, or whatever else that’s within reason. You’ll specify your wishes after you win the auction.

I’m marking this as “New” since the only choice I have with this auction software is new or used. It has been on my shelf and thus has a little “shelf wear” but is otherwise in fine “like new” condition. These kinds of books aren’t meant to be archival quality: they’re check/review copies, and thus sometimes hard for collectors to find.

Shipping is included in USA. It’s unclear to me what happens with add-on costs for outside-USA shipping, so if the software fails to add it and you’re outside the U.S., the shipping cost of US$12 (Canada) or US$20 (overseas) must be paid either way if you win, before it will be shipped. (Yep: now that the auction is live, shipping is not showing. Unclear if it will show when the auction ends or not. Limitation with the software, I guess, but keep that in mind should you be outside the U.S.)

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Important Note: To guard against “sniping” (very-last-second bids), the end time of the auction is automatically very briefly extended after any late bids. Also, since this is the first time I’ve used this auction software, I reserve the right to adjust the end time, forward or back, should I detect flaws in how the software is working, if there are no bids, or for any other reason.

Thanks for helping support This is True, and Enjoy!

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