Obliviot Button


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This message button is a great conversation starter.

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Add Magnets? ($1 each)

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This 2-1/4″ button clearly spelling out “Does Not Play Well With Obliviots” makes it plain the wearer doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Classic pin back. It’s made in Ohio from American-made components, and there are nice discounts when you order more.

You can clip off the pin if you want to use a magnet (shown stuck to back).
You can clip off the pin if you want to use a magnet (shown stuck to back).

Add Magnets? Ceramic disk magnet makes the button stick to your fridge or other metal surface. (To make it lay perfectly flat, you may want to use cutters to remove the pin.) Just say how many you want with the optional pulldown at $1 each.

Product Warning: These are pin-back and therefore have …well… pins. By their very nature, pins are sharp, and you could poke yourself if you’re not careful …or are an obliviot. Heck: you could put your eye out if you’re a world-class obliviot! By ordering, you assume all responsibility for proper handling of this hugely dangerous item. And the optional magnets? Don’t swallow them, or let your kids do it: dire health consequences may result. Really. You have been warned.