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Over Time, We’ll Have a Selection of books that feature stories with specific names. Right now, there’s only the one: Kevin — a proof of concept.

Every story in this book includes someone named Kevin. They’re all true stories from “legitimate, mainstream news sources” in the This is True tradition: they’re from our archives going back 25 years.

Like What?

Like this:


If there’s a “Headline of the Week” that includes the featured book name, it (or they) will also be included, but it’s rare that headlines feature people’s names, so don’t expect it. There are none in Kevin.

Each story follows the usual This is True format as illustrated in the above graphic, with one addition: the date of publication is added to the end, in the format MM/DD/YY. Like this:

Brief Slug (or Title): Then in this space, a brief retelling of a real news story from a “legitimate mainstream news publication” that gets quickly to the point in around 100 words. (**/News Source) …Here, a “tagline” comment on the story, which is the stylistic trademark of This is True. (MM/DD/YY)

** The initials of the story’s contributor go in this spot. Certainly by far most of the stories are by This is True founder Randy Cassingham — “RC” — but there are other contributors over the years. In the Kevin book, that includes:

  • “JW” — Jennifer Weiner, a radio show producer.
  • “MS” — Mike Straw, a retired U.S. Air Force officer.
  • “AC” — Alexander Cohen, a lawyer turned writer.

Another Extra Feature: Since this book is about the name and intended to be a gift, each volume also has an introduction page such as what’s shown here (click to see larger).

How Big is Each Book?

The books of course vary widely in the number of stories, and thus the number of pages. All are priced the same: the gift is in the unique concept, not the number of pages. But to answer the question:

  • Kevin is 40 pages.
  • more to be added to this list over time!

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