Meditate on Your Future


Instant download MP3 file (no “copy protection” included) that you can use on your phone, tablet, and/or computer. Ideally, listen with comfortable headphones or earbuds to help keep out distractions.

This is a 20-minute guided meditation to help you achieve a big goal — something months or years out — and need help to get specific on what it is you’re doing, and getting there over time. It’s designed for daily use, and doesn’t need to be done at any specific time of day (mornings or evenings are equally good).

Bonus: The same file, but with an extra 10 minutes of music included if you would prefer to meditate longer.



“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” —Paulo Coehlo (in The Alchemist, 1988)

“But you have to ask for that help, and take action to get there.” —Randy Cassingham

This guided meditation is based on your “declaration” — a concise statement of what you want to achieve, the future you want to obtain, your big goal.

Think of it as a story: the beginning is where you are now. Your declaration is the satisfying ending. And the middle? That’s the path from here to there; that’s the part this meditation helps with — helping you find your way.

It should be a stretch goal, perhaps something just out of reach, that requires you to learn new things. It’s best to have a date in mind for when you might achieve that goal. It could be short term — a matter of months, or long term — a matter of years.

Either way, this goal should be meaningful to you. You’re doing this for you, and perhaps for your legacy. This is not something to do to make someone else happy.

If your declaration is a bit vague at first, that’s OK: with each meditation it should get more specific, deeper, and more clear. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, but over time with refinements you make, you’ll probably decide it is perfect!

This meditation is meant to be done daily until you feel you don’t need it anymore, yet you can start again when you have a new declaration you wish to achieve, or just need to refocus your efforts.

After you’ve done it a few times and feel like you can add something, try it as a walking meditation. The forward motion gives you another dimension.

A Couple of Notes

For the purpose of this meditation, a “deep breath” is 5 seconds in, no pause, and then 5 seconds out. Trying to do it all the time might wear you out, so it’s best to do it only when directed, or when you feel like you really need it.

The background music is unimportant as music, but may be important for what it does. Besides being pleasant, it uses a base of “binaural beats” designed to focus your brain into an alpha state. It’s not magical, and it’s not a cure-all no matter what the people trying to sell it to you might claim, but if it helps with focus, great. If not, it’s still pleasant.

The file size is 21MB (stereo), and is 20 minutes long. The longer version is 31MB (stereo), and 30 minutes long.

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