Lenticular GOOHF Postcard


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This is the limited-edition GOOHF postcard commemorating the One Millionth GOOHF Card Sold.

The card in motion.

It’s a 4×6-inch lenticular (moving image) postcard (not a business card!) featuring Uncle Pennybags leaping over the fiery pit of hell. His arms, mouth, eyes and eyebrows move, as well as the flames. This is a limited edition of 5,000 cards — and well over half are already sold.

The back of the card is printed, noting it commemorates One Million Cards Sold. (The rest of the text reads: “The Get Out of Hell free card was designed by Randy Cassingham, author of the online weird news feature This is True www.thisistrue.com. The GOOHF card is Randy’s response to humorless people who think it’s their job to tell us all what to think, or where to go.”)

The card really can be used as an actual postcard: we sent 500 of them out that way — but we’ll ship yours in an envelope!

The secondary photo shows the sequence used to create the moving image.

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