Lapel Pins Lot 7 (Shuttle)

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AUCTION CONCLUDED and SOLD. This is an auction for one lot of lapel pins as shown, and this collection is dubbed “Shuttle”. Scroll down for details. I reserve the right to make corrections as needed after the auction starts.

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There are some duplicates in this set from other sets, plus an oops. From left to right…

Note: Follow the links to the Wikipedia pages for each mission to get a clear look at the mission “logo”. These pins are all in good condition, but it’s hard to get them all to photograph well together.

  • Top Row: STS-33, (1989); I’ve always liked this pin with its unconventional shape and twist. STS-32 (1990), which deployed the Syncom IV-F5 (aka Leasat 5) communications satellite, and then retrieved NASA’s Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF); it’s unusual in that it has a plastic dome over the enamel. STS-40 (1991). STS-35 (1990). Shuttle STS-34 (1989), a very pretty pin.
  • Second Row: STS-36 (1990), also very pretty. STS-39 (1991). The oops: a second copy of STS-34, but at least it’s nice looking. STS-27 (1988), the second mission after the Challenger explosion. STS-29 (1989).
  • Third Row: STS-30 (1989) deployed the Magellan Venus probe. STS-28 (1989), STS-51-L (1986) — the Challenger mission that exploded shortly after launch (“normal” patch design with white outline). And STS-26 (1988), the “return to flight” mission after Challenger. I later met STS-26 George “Pinky” Nelson, who was introduced as an astronaut on “the first mission after the Challenger disaster.” I asked him — in front of the person who had introduced him that way — if he was sick and tired of his mission being described as “the first mission after the Challenger disaster.” He absolutely melted and admitted yes, he certainly was.

In general, mission pins were made the year the spacecraft launched, with the exception of reproductions made to celebrate some sort of anniversary.

At Auction

How much is this worth? No idea whatever, hence the auction. I will also provide a signed letter describing the provenance. The starting price is $20, the increment is $7.50, and there is no reserve. It’s sold “as-is,” and domestic shipping is a flat $10 (Priority with tracking number).

Do not depend on email notifications of being outbid: come back at closing time and refresh every few minutes if you are intent on winning this one. Note that last-minute bids will delay the close of bidding by a few minutes.

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September 11, 2023 6:56 pm$20.00DBreskin
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