‘Holographic’ GOOHF Stickers


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New! Have you ever wanted to make your own GOOHF product? You can with this cool permanent vinyl “holographic” Get Out of Hell Free sticker.

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Printed on heavy vinyl stock (they’re thick: around 1/64 inch (.35mm, which is heavy for a sticker), with a glossy and iridescent shine.

The manufacturer says they are “waterproof and resistant to sunlight” — “They can even be safely run through a dishwasher.”(!!)

It has a permanent adhesive on the back, and the backing is a tad difficult to remove: there’s no “crack and peel” aspect to them.

These are a bit smaller than a GOOHF card: 1-7/8×3 inches (cards are 2×3-1/2 inches): see comparison below.

This is a “limited edition” — just 1,000 stickers total — and I don’t expect to have more of these made (“we’ll see” about other sizes, but I think that’s unlikely unless there’s huge demand).

Note these aren’t available with a quantity discount: I’m fine with you ordering as many as you wish, but by not offering discounts I’m hoping they’ll be available to more readers.

Relative size next to a standard GOOHF card.
The back (adhesive side) shows the nature of the sticker stock: light dances in fun ways.

One other thing to note in the comparison photo: due to the process involved, the sticker comes off as noticeably “darker” overall compared to the regular printed card. They show off best in bright light.

Made in the USA.

Since you can’t click on the “Product Photo” to see it larger, here it is again:

What looks like a white line on Uncle Pennybags’ trousers is a light glint.

As always:

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