GOOHF Travel Mug


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Our best-selling mug is the perfect combination of size, looks, and statement. Very Limited Supply left: we tried to get more, but the proposed replacements were of such low quality, we rejected them.

Limit 1 per Customer, and comes with a pack of 50 GOOHF cards.

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Tired of Having to Sip Your Java Out of an Itty Bitty Cup?

Get a grip and make a statement at the same time. This  stainless steel 16 oz. mug is big enough for a full can of soda — plus ice — or enough coffee to actually wake you up. It comes complete with a removable lid so you can use it as a true travel mug, and it fits in most cup holders.

Since you want to be able to drink with either hand, we had them put the GOOHF imprint on both sides. You want to send a message, sure — but you want to see it yourself and get a little smile after each sip too. Added benefit: no discrimination against left-handers here!

With the trapped air between the stainless inside and the orange plastic shell, the contents of your drink stays much warmer (or colder) than in a ceramic mug. But note this means the mug is not “insulated” nor dishwasher safe.

(Warning: Contents may be hot. Hell: you ought to know since you poured it in there! Users are 100 percent responsible for their own safety: if you spill hot coffee in your lap, it’s your own damned fault and running crying to your lawyer is explicitly prohibited. Your rights may vary from state to state — e.g., sober, drunk, sleepy. Not available for shipment to Nigeria.)

The mug imprint.

The mug’s imprint is a slight alteration of the normal GOOHF card. Instead of “This Card…” in the upper right, it says, “This Mug May be Kept Until Needed or Sold”.

Note: As always, I’ll note this product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way, by Hasbro Corp, its affiliates or subsidiaries. It is obviously a parody.