NASA/JPL Galileo Mission Mug

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Galileo (Jupiter) Mission Mug trimmed in 22K gold.

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This is my personal Galileo mission mug that was made available to employees at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They definitely didn’t give them to us: any employee who wanted one had to pay for it — the effort was put together by several members of the mission team. As I recall, the mug was made available to us in 1990, and I only got this one.

Galileo was built at JPL, and was launched during my tenure there (from the space shuttle Atlantis, on 18 October 1989). It arrived at Jupiter on 7 December 1995 after gravitational assist flybys of Venus and Earth, and became the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter. It launched the first probe into Jupiter, directly measuring its atmosphere.

The mug has the Atlantis STS-34 mission patch on one side — that shuttle mission launched Galileo on its way on 18 October 1989. The crew gets to design the mission patches, and their names are typically included — in this case, Commander (Donald E.) Williams on his second and last spaceflight, Pilot (Michael J.) McCulley, on his only spaceflight, Mission Specialist 1 (Shannon W.) Lucid on her second spaceflight, Mission Specialist 2 (Franklin R.) Chang-Diaz, on his second spaceflight, and Mission Specialist 3 (Ellen S.) Baker, on her first spaceflight. The patch shows Galileo superimposed on Atlantis, the sun coming up over Earth, and Jupiter — Galileo’s destination, on the right.

On the other side is the Galileo mission patch — and my name (as I recall, everyone who ordered a mug got their name imprinted as part of the order). Both sides are trimmed with a generous amount of real 22K gold. On the Atlantis side, the patch outline is gold. On the Galileo side, the outline, the edge of the radio dish, the probe, and the parachute lowering the probe are all gold.

On the bottom is a gold sticker that reads “22K GOLD BY: KAPAN-KENT CO. INC., LOS ANGELES, CA 90606061”. It is 3 3/4″ tall and 3 1/4″ in diameter at the rim, and is in excellent condition as you can see.

The label suggests “Hand wash only” and that it’s “Microwave safe” — but I never did put it in a microwave (and never would!)

The Winner Will Also Get a signed letter from me explaining where I got this mug.

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